Some of our Projects from this week!!

Hey Y’all!!!  

Hasn’t this week been so much fun over on our Facebook page!  I challenged myself to do a Facebook Live for 7 Days straight.  Today will be day 6.  We’ve worked on some great projects.  I say “we” because you’ve been right beside me the whole time.  

Here are just a few:

JPEG image 62ED8BE1B29F 1    IMG 3829 

 IMG 3841    JPEG image 4B30741EF8EB 1

I totally forgot to take pictures of Sunday nights project that led into Monday 🙂  The Amazing Grace on the canvas was gorgeous and such a fun technique.  

Here’s a few links to the materials we used.



Of COURSE we used our Junk Monkey Paint Company chalky style paint!!!!  You can purchase it online and have it shipped direct to you!!  Just click the link below:  

Junk Monkey Paint Company

Love ya’ll so much and look forward to more to come!!! 

Remember to head over to our Facebook page for lots of ideas and watch our past videos. 

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