Cricut Easy Press

Hello, Friends!!!  I hope you had a wonderful week.  Did you catch our Facebook live on Thursday?  I demonstrated the Cricut Easy Press, you can catch the replay here. We worked on an easy DIY project.  I had a few T-Shirts that were in need of a little jazzing up.  People do still say “jazzing up” right!

Cricut Easy Press
Cricut Easy Press

If you’re interested in purchasing one of your own, Amazon has really good deals.  The one I use is the 9×9.

Adding HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) really is easy to do and with the Circuit Easy Press, you can do this anywhere.  Adding logos, sayings, images and the list goes on and on to so many materials; t-shirts, bags, makeup bags, blankets, book bags…again, the list is endless!!! You can even add HTV to cardstock and books!!  It would be a great night to grab a group of friends and DIY till you run out of HTV.

I’m always look at ways to make things personalized and with the Cricut Easy Press, I can do just that.

My theme on Thursday was Maine.  I live in this beautiful State and have found that Mainers are proud of their State.  What better way then where a little bit of shimmer in honor of that!!!

DIY Easy Press Project

I find that with the Easy Press I do want to have certain tools that make this process even easier.  Here is a list and links to those items

* Easy Press Mat

* Siser Weeding Tool

* Circut Tools – Weeding Kit

* Circut Explore Air 2 (I like this one because it comes with a starter bundle)

* Cricut Cutting Mats

* Cricut Easy Press (6×7) Perfect for small jobs!!

Here are my favorite places to buy Vinyl:

What would personalize?  Adding that personal touch to a gift definitely says you were thinking of them!  

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