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Hey Friends!  

I hope post finds you well.  These are trying times but know that I am praying for YOU.  

Some projects we do… take time.  I have a thing of painting cabinet doors when my paint brushes are dirty and save them for a later project.  It also is a good time saver when I need to create a sign quickly.  I pull from my stash.  One of my favorite places to pick up doors is Habitat Restore.  Sometimes it is hit or miss but when I see them, I buy them.  Oh gosh, I buy them.  I feel I am helping the community.  Right??   This cabinet door is one of those.  I adore the detail of this door but knew it needed more.

I recently cast a bunch of resin flowers using reDesign with Prima’s molds and the Amazing Casting Resin.  I really like the one that sets up in 10 minutes. They are usually right beside each other at the craft store, so be sure to get the one that says “sets up in 10 minutes” on the front.  I don’t have patience to wait 8-10 hours… Right, anyone else with me!

Here is link to a Facebook live where I started this project and showed how I cast the flowers.  The colors we used were all from Junk Monkey Paint Company – Antique Lace, Sandy Tan Toes and Mocha Madness.  When adhering the flowers use a strong adhesive.  I used one from Loctite but really there are some great ones out there on the market.  I ended up letting the glue dry overnight before I messed with them more than I did on the video.  

Adding dark wax to this beautiful background helps bring it to a new level.  When I painted this sign I knew what I wanted it to say.  I wanted simple and elegant.  I believe that was  achieved.  Here is the Facebook live where I finished this beauty up.

IMG 7273

It’s a great time to start those paint projects we have arounds, I know I have several.  I am currently not quarantined or without work, but I still am practicing the social distancing.  With that, I have time on my hands and projects to keep those hands busy.  You know I love using Junk Monkey Paint on all our projects and I know that Matt & Sonia are still shipping out paint.  I’d love for you to use my link (affiliate) when buying from Junk Monkey.  

Be blessed and praying health and wholeness to you and your family.  


~ Jessica

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