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To start…can you PLEASE tell me where this year has gone.  I cannot believe how fast the summer went.  I am both sad and looking forward to the cooler weather, anyone with me?! This summer my family bought a camp near the lake.  It’s lovely and the perfect get away.  With any new place you need to furnish it and add character.  So…that’s what we set out to do.  Of course, I love to add character and what better way to do that than with Junk Monkey Paint and Redesign with Prima moulds and transfers.  

Here’s a few of the projects that are complete.IMG 8135 2

Painted in Junk Monkey Chalky Style Paint in Blue Slate, sealed and glazed with Valspar Antiquing Glaze

Untitled Design

This beauty was painted with Junk Monkey Chalky Style Paint in Mermaid Tail, sealed and glazed with Valspar Antiquing Glaze

IMG 8104

Painted with Junk Monkey Chalky Style Paint in Mocha Madness and Greige Anatomy.  I sealed this beauty and added several moulds from Redesign with Prima.  I adhered them to this rather plain dresser. Both this dresser and the above antique piece were picked from Marketplace.  Y’all seriously, there are amazing finds out there just waiting for you!!  Depending on the age you may need to seal/prime the piece ahead of time. I did that with both of these.  Junk Monkey has a great stain blocking primer out now!!!  

Headboard at Camp

The spare room has an odd layout and to maximize the space a custom headboard was created.  Of course, it needed to be pretty!  This was painted with Junk Monkey Chalky Style Paint (are you catching on to a theme here!) in Greige Anatomy. A Redesign with Prima Transfer applied.  I didn’t use the entire stencil, there is plenty left over for the next project!  I then sealed for added protection with Junk Monkey’s Monkey Shine which is a beautiful natural wax.  I also created those sweet boxes/shelves hanging on the wall and the lamps.  With the lamps, I painted them in Greige Anatomy to carry the color scheme and adhered Sola Wood flowers at the base.  I think the colors lend beautifully together.  

(that adorable sleeping dog is my Mini-Goldendoodle, Morning Glory)


The lamps camp from my Grandfathers and where incredibly ugly and dated but not anymore!!! 


I’ll keep you posted on projects as we get them finished.  We still need more artwork added to the walls. 

Blessings and hugs,Signature

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